0.275% per year (paid monthly), subject to a minimum of $1.25 per month if you link your bank account

If you invest

Link your bank account to round up transactions?

If you don't, direct debit is used which costs a little more to process

  Per month

Account Fee


Usual Expenses


Fees paid to FirstStep


ETP Costs

Vanguard, Betashares, iShares, Blackrock


Total Fees

Annual fees as a percentage of amount invested


Account Fee is 0.275% p/a subject to a minimum of 1.25 per month

Usual Expenses are 0.20% p/a and cover the people that help FirstStep run. People like OneVue, the accountants, the smart lawyers - all the usual help.

We've included ETP costs from fund providers for complete transparency. They range between 0.15% per year and 0.30% of your FirstStep account balance per year. The actual cost may be more or less than this.