Don't Laugh - This Is Serious!

We just don't believe you. Privacy isn't dead! Even if you share everything on FB.

Why? Cause we now know some pretty interesting stuff about you. Like where you buy your coffee. And where you transact, well, everything else. And when. And where. And with whom. And how often. And how much you pay or get paid.

SO… we take privacy seriously.

Don't believe us? Read this (very) serious sentence "The objective of our privacy policy is to ensure that we handle personal information consistently with the Australian Privacy Principles.". So there!

Read on. This is a summary - the whole shebang is available free if you just ask.

What Is It Anyway?

We know, we know…you don't care.

We also know - you really do!

We aren't risking it. You tell us something personal and we are going to be careful with it as all-get-out. We can't make absolute promises (cause the Internet can be crazy), but we sure do care a lot about what you tell us. And we not going to abuse the privilege.

For us, privacy basically means taking steps to protect your personal information and only using it in ways you agree.

Personal information? That's the stuff that identifies or could identify you.


We are subject to the Privacy Act 1988. You have rights under the Privacy Act, which give them greater control over the way their personal information is handled.

The Australian Privacy Principles are in Australia's laws. They are the ant's pants of all things private. Because someone has a sense of humour, there are lucky 13 of them. They cover the collection, use and disclosure, and management of personal information. They also allow individuals to access their information and have it corrected if it is wrong.

A copy is available at You're welcome.

Why We Have Your Stuff

We can't provide FirstStep unless you tell us what we ask. It's pretty much that.

So we run your FirstStep accounts and do the stuff we need to do or think you'll like, for example to:

  • make the use of our App and website easier
  • contact you regarding services from us or our affiliates
  • comply with legal obligations, and
  • conduct research

We can also get a little funky with it, for example:

  • making FirstStep even cooler if that's even possible
  • suggesting things we think might interest you or make life easier
  • we might for example look for patterns in your transactions and make suggestions to you on how you might manage your money differently

How Do We Get Hold Of This Stuff?

Trick question really. You tell us directly or indirectly, mostly through the App and the website. Or someone else you deal with in relation to FirstStep tells us or makes it available - like OneVue or your bank.

What Stuff?

Personal information can include:

  • name and birthday,
  • your investment and other personal preferences,
  • your tax file number,
  • where and how we will contact you, and
  • your linked bank account details and everything that happens there

When Can We Share It?


  • this policy allows,
  • you agree such as through the App, the PDS or the website
  • we reckon someone needs to know like, someone helping us or someone important who asks in a way we can't say no - like the Government,
  • and laws say we can or must.

What About Security?

We will usually communicate with FirstSteppers electronically. This can be, well, insecure. Doh.

We are careful, but it's a crazy place out there in interweb land, and if things don't go to plan, someone might get hold of your stuff. Stuff is stored in the cloud can be less secure.

The App or website may fail or be offline, or may carry a virus. It may not work on all devices. Changes to operating systems may cause it to stop working. Updates can take time. Access to FirstStep depends on networks, which can fail.

If you get a new device, don't forget to install the App again, and think about wiping the old one (not with a cloth - wipe its brain clean). Use passwords that are hard for people and machines to guess and mix them up across your apps and services. Don't share them and keep them safe (writing them down isn't so safe).

Anyone with your FirstStep credentials can operate your account. If someone has your device, they can probably pretend to be you. Neither we nor OneVue will know any better. We and OneVue will generally do what we and they see coming through the App or website.

If you change your contact details - especially your email or mobile, tell us. We don't want to lose you!

We use cookies. At ANZAC Day, but also to make visiting FirstStep smoother, cooler and overall sexier. You can anti- cookie us, but things will be less smooth, less cool, and way less sexy.

What Else?

We can record everything.

Ask us if you are unsure what information we hold about you - we will (pretty much all the time) tell you. If it's wrong - bingo - we all win by it being corrected.

We can change this policy - we would let you know if we think they are important.


We got it right? We got it wrong? Just want to talk?

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