Smart technology continues to redefine every relationship we manage in our busy lives including how, where, why, what and when we save. And it just got smarter, safer, and easier with a savvy new platform that offers great returns, lower fees and peace of mind.

Start a very powerful and personal savings crusade today. Save better with a FirstStep investment portfolio and you will always be one step ahead.

Better than your bank account

Average BankFirstStep Account
Projected earnings0.85% variable per annum, 0% on everyday accounts

5.10% per annum (FirstStep Growth)

FeesAnnual fees, ATM fees, overdraft fees, withdrawal penalties

$1.25 per month

Education and engagementNo

Tips, progress updates on your saving goal

Professional account managementNo

Yes, every account is expertly managed

TechnologyBuilt on out of date legacy systems

Powerful and secure technology

Reach your goals with impact and without complexity

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Personalise with themes

Invest in seismic trends that drive disproportionate growth in the economy

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Low minimums, low fees

Get started in minutes without hurting the wallet. Start with as little as $1.

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Effortlessly save like a genius

Automatically reach your savings goal with recurring deposits and roundups

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Securely managed

Our team focus on managing your investments and securing your information

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Learn as you go

Read tips, guides and lessons so you can save and invest with confidence

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Fast and enouraging support

Timely saving notifications and friendly support via in-app chat

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